How To Replace Spring On Garage Door Compton

To replace spring on garage door you will need to warp your head around the potential savings versus time investment. How many tasks in your home are both fast to fix and also save a tremendous amount of money? Well, fortunately for you, replacing your own garage door springs do just that.

Once you have the hang of it, the process takes less than 15 minutes. Get this, it can save you more than $350 to $750 too! The biggest part of the process is figuring out the size of your existing garage door springs.

Measure the inside diameter of the springs, from the inner most portion of the coil at the widest part to the opposite inside coil. The most common measurement is 2 inches. Other measurements will indicate various manufacturers’ products.

The coil length is another measurement to take, from end to end. Then you have to know the orientation of the spring or “wound”. If it is on the left-hand side when you are looking into the garage, it is a “right” wound. The wire size is going to take the help of the coil sellers chart.

You may have to measure in counts of 10 coils until you find measurements that match those of your actual coils. Though, again, this is the hard part of the job. From here, you are going to save lots of money and the hassle of having to take off from work to wait around for a garage door company to come out to do it for you.

Save money by saving a day off from work, and by not shelling out $750. That’s the basics and now it is up to you to do the easy part — install the springs yourself. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself. when you have to replace spring on garage door.